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Society members now have a forum in which to discuss all aspects of cecidology.  Click here to join the forum.  Membership is moderated but postings are not.  This means that there will be a short delay before the webmaster approves your application, but once it is approved you can post messages and they will appear on the forum automatically and more or less instantly.

All BPGS members will be accepted, so when you get to the point in the application process where you have to fill in a box called "Comments to Owner" please give enough info about yourself to enable us to identify you from the members list (e.g. name and part of address - note that info you've given to Yahoo earlier in the process will not be visible to the webmaster!).  There is no need to give any other reasons for wanting to join.

If you are not a BPGS member, your application to join the forum will be at the discretion of the moderator.  In this case please say a little about yourself in the "Comments to Owner".

If you encounter any problems with joining or using the forum please contact the

If you tick the option to have all new forum messages sent to you by email, please make sure you have them sent to your real email address, and not to the free Yahoo email address that Yahoo gives you during the sign-up process. 

Click here to visit the forum